Website Visitors

Website Visitor Identification

LeadLander gives your sales and marketing staff the ability to proactively pursue the companies that are visiting your website to review your online product collateral. LeadLander will tell you how they came to your website and what information they're seeking. LeadLander's comprehensive functionality includes:

  • Lead Scoring
  • Territory Filtering
  • LinkedIn and Jigsaw Contacts
  • Integration
  • ...and much more
By being alerted to your website visitors and understanding how much time they've committed to reviewing various pages of your online collateral, your sales staff can instantly determine the prospect's levels of interest. Your sales team can take immediate responsive action directly from within LeadLander.

Real-Time Customer Activity

Your marketing and sales teams can run real-time reports to see which companies are actively on your website, as well as which were the most active over the past day, the past week, or even the past month. These reports also provide detailed information about which web pages your visitors viewed as well as the search terms they used to get to your site.

Leadlander provides invaluable information for your sales people to determine which companies are actively interested in your product offerings, how they reached your web site, and what aspects of your product offerings they're most interested in researching.

Email Reports

LeadLander generates daily, weekly, and monthly email reports based on each of your users' requirements. Email reports give your sales and marketing staff the ability to follow up on the previous day's or week's most active companies that have visited your website. Email reports make viewing your customer activity easy without requiring you to regularly log in to LeadLander's website.

Instant Notifications

LeadLander also generates instant email notifications, providing your sales and marketing teams with immediate notification of prospects visiting your web site based on pre-defined rules. For example, LeadLander can be configured to generate an instant alert whenever a customer views more than five of your web pages, or can be configured to notify you when specific companies visit your site.

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